Squiz Matrix Services
Squiz Matrix Services and Development

We have vast amounts of experience with Squiz Matrix. Users ourselves, and developers, we have created over 40 sites and contributed over 10 open-source features that have been included in Squiz Matrix. Our services include building websites with Squiz Matrix, custom development such as assets, scripts and triggers, and Squiz Matrix consulting. We can help with parse file code, asset builders, complex keywords, paint layouts and anything you might need help with.

iOS Development

With 11 apps in the iOS app store and more on the way, we know our way around iOS development and the process of getting your app available for sale. You won't have to worry about complex issues with getting your app approved or submitted, we handle all the hard work.


Using our experience creating the Squiz Matrix app we know the ins and outs of integrating your mobile iOS app with Squiz Matrix's SOAP Server services. Allow users to login, create assets, changes attributes and so much more. We can even have Squiz Matrix trigger Push Notifications to your users using our recently developed Urban Airship Trigger that is now in the Squiz Matrix core.