Squiz Matrix and the introduction of the Modern Asset Map

Tue, Nov. 5, 2013

Today is a good day. It marks the release of Squiz Matrix version 4.18.0 which includes the brand new modern asset map. This is a momentous occasion. The old Java based Asset Map was showing its age, and with the amount of Java security issues, users were getting nervous about its continued use.

Modern Asset Map

I am very glad to see that Squiz is investing in the future. The new Modern Asset Map brings some great new features like true drag and drop for moving assets, something that was missing from the Java version. So this is an added bonus for us users who missed that feature.

In 4.18.0 the Modern Asset Map is not on by default, so you need to turn in on in Global Preferences > Use Modern Asset Map. This will change in 4.20.0 when it will become default.

Hope you are able to upgrade to get this great new feature.

Nicholas Hubbard


Andrew Smallwood
Nov 17, 2013
This is definitely a necessary advancement but I still dream of a fully fledged HTML5 backend for Squiz, which will truly take it to the next stage!

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