Squiz Matrix Keyword Modifiers Test Suite

Thu, Sep. 22, 2011

Keyword Modifiers are an extremely powerful feature of Squiz Matrix. They can be be used almost everywhere in the system and provide a great deal of keyword customization.

If you have never used keyword modifiers before give it a try, you can even modify they keyword yourself to see how to use it!

Test Keyword Modifiers

Try It Yourself

Console Output

Some of the keyword modifiers don't seem to work correctly when parsed with the JS API such as the data keyword.
Nicholas Hubbard


Sep 22, 2011
This is very cool, I didn't know it existed!!! So can I use it anywhere keywords are parsed?
Nic Hubbard
Sep 23, 2011
Yeah they are very cool! Yes, Keyword Modifiers can be used pretty much everywhere. :)
Paul Wojciechowski
Sep 23, 2011
Good stuff! Such working examples should be a part of squiz manuals.
Nic Hubbard
Sep 23, 2011
I agree, I think that there really should be more working examples for showing people how to use Squiz Matrix. That is why we are working on building the community.
Oct 5, 2011
Is there a limit to the amount of modifiers that can be used? I'm attempting to use a number of them for the group_name keyword in the group format listing bodycopy. We have a number of 4-digit codes that I'd like to replace with the names of the corresponding organizational units. I tried using the ^replace modifier, but would need 30 of them in a row, and the org units have names up to 54 characters long (including spaces, commas and ampersands).
Nic Hubbard
Oct 5, 2011
I think that you are going to reach the limitations of what is possible with modifiers by the sound of it. Are you sure there isn't a better way to do what you are trying?
Nov 24, 2011
Is there a way of editing existing keywords for example toc_unordered ?
Nicholas Hubbard
Nov 24, 2011
Possibly. What would you want to happen if you were modifying that keyword?
Karl Equi
Sep 28, 2012
Hi Nick, Is there a way to escape special characters like ":" or "%"? I think I have seen this somewhere - but can't recall it now. So I could do something like this: asset_name^replace:Squiz::/% Great resource BTW.
Deb Webb
Jan 7, 2013
Just what I needed! The keyword list at was not helpful with only asset_created_X. Uses _ not ^ and doesn't indicate to use date_format: first. Sigh. Thanks!
May 3, 2015
Hey Nic, I'm getting "You do not have permissions to access this asset" for every keyword!

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