Squiz Matrix App 1.0 is Live!

Sun, Jan. 6, 2013

EMS Tracker

Squiz Matrix App has finally been approved and is for sale in the app store!

With it you can, Browse the Native Asset Map, Create and Edit Assets on the Go, Upload Local Files, Configure Multiple Servers, Edit Attributes and Asset Metadata, View System Logs and so much more right from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad!

There are plenty of planned features for the future including:

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Workflow Screen
  • Designs Screen
  • Lookup Settings Screen
  • So much more!!


  • Squiz Matrix 3.28.0
  • Backend User or higher user access

Please contact support with any and all questions.

EMS Tracker

Nicholas Hubbard


Jeremy Hewitt
May 1, 2013
Hey Nic, planning an update soon? I'm keen to give this a spin once WYSIWYG makes the cut. Looks great.
Nicholas Hubbard
May 1, 2013
Yes, it is coming. We added a bunch of security fixes to the upcoming release such as pinpad to get into the app and HTTP Auth for accessing the SOAP Server. The WYSIWYG editor is still in development.

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