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Wed, Feb. 24, 2010

The Zed Said Studio Blog has been quiet for some time, and I wanted to let everyone know the reason.

I have been working on a brand new project that, has nothing to do with MySource Matrix. Which, is slight surprising since I love it so much! But, I have come to a point where I need a customized CMS for clients of mine that are not able to use MySource Matrix. Over the past year I have looked for a solution to this problem, but I have not been happy with what I have found. Coming from the world of Matrix, I expect a lot out of a CMS. So, I was looking for certain features that I did not find.

So, I have set out to write my own CMS that has the features that I want, runs on shared hosting, and will provide the power and flexibility that I need. Clients don't like to be told that they have to pay for a totally new host, that is 2x the amount that they are currently paying. They don't want to hear all of those details, they just want their website online, and they want to edit/manage it with ease.

So, this is the focus of my new CMS, is ease of use, and focus on easy editing as well as tight keyword integration across the CMS. I am pretty excited about this new project, and it has been coming along nicely. So far, the MVC has been built, as well as the DB integration, base function and interfaces.

One thing that is really needed is a designer for this project as well as a new name. When I started this, I figured Zed X would be nice, but now, I am not so sure. The CMS will be GPL in the future, but not for some time and there is plenty of work to still be done. But, if you are interested in helping with design, your talent and name will definitely be seen throughout the project.

I will continue to post updates here about how the progress is going, let me know if you have any questions!

Nicholas Hubbard

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