The Home Stretch: Squiz Matrix iOS Coming this Fall

Sun, Jul. 8, 2012
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Look forward to a August release date, right in time for the 2012 Squiz and Funnelback International User Conference!

Top Features

Universal iPhone and iPad App

When I started building the Squiz Matrix iOS app, I knew that it had to be for iPhone and iPad. I hated when developers would charge more for the iPad version. You won't get that here. Squiz Matrix iOS will be released as a Universal app for iOS 5.0 and above.

Configure Multiple Matrix Servers

If you have multiple servers that you manage, and multiple installs of Matrix, you can easily add an unlimited number of server configurations and quickly switch between them.

  • Multiple Sites

Secure Account Management

Your account details are safe and secure. We use the standard iOS Keychain for storing of passwords so they are securely saved just like they would be in any of Apple's apps.

  • Authentication

Browse the Asset Map

The best feature of the app. This was what caused the inception of the app. I wanted a way to browse my Squiz Matrix sites from my iPhone. But, because the asset map was in Java, I wasn't able to. Now you can!

  • Asset Map

Create Assets on the Go

If you have a gallery on your website and you need to add a new photo, just snap one with your phone and upload it on the go. Simple and easy. You can also create most other asset types.

  • Create

Upload Local Files as Assets

Besides uploading photos and videos from your camera roll you can also import any number of file types into the app for uploading to your Matrix site. If someone emails you a PDF or sends you a Word doc, all you have to do is choose to open it in Squiz Matrix iOS and it will show up in the Imports tab, ready to be created as an asset.

  • Files

Quick Search

If you want to search for an asset by ID or URL it will return results just like the _admin search does.

  • search


If you edit an asset with a WYSIWYG content type such as a News Item you are presented with a beautiful editor that is full featured and has great code formatting built-in.

  • Editor

View Matrix Logs

Another great feature is the ability to view logs. Error, Search, Cron Errors, Asset Cache, Bulkmail Errors, etc can all be viewed within the app.

  • Logs

Preview Assets

When you are on the go you want to see what your assets look like. Need to preview an Asset Listing?  No problem.  Need to view the image or Word doc that an editor added, we can do that too.

  • Nic

Edit Assets on the Go 

Of course the most needed feature is to edit the assets themselves. From changing status, attributes and metadata, these features are the core of Squiz Matrix iOS.

** Workflow will be added in a future version **

More Information

For more information about Squiz Matrix for iOS visit or get ahold me me on Twitter @zedsaid or Contact Us.

Nicholas Hubbard

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