Squiz Matrix for iOS Beta 1 Released

Mon, Feb. 20, 2012

Today saw the release of Squiz Matrix iOS beta 1. This is the first round of beta testing for all users that signed up.

  • Beta
  • Beta

The beta version includes the following features.


  • Add multiple site configurations
  • Asset Map Browsing
  • Status Colors
  • Importing of files in app
  • Management of Imported Files
  • Asset creation of selected assets
  • Asset creation from imported files
  • Viewing of selected asset screens
  • Asset Details
  • Viewing/changing Asset Status
  • Viewing/changing Asset Attributes
  • Viewing/changing Asset Metadata
  • Viewing Asset Webpaths
  • Preview Assets including all file types
  • Asset Map sorting
  • Deleting of assets
  • Pull to refresh

Squiz Matrix 3.28.0 is required.

Note: Since this is a beta there will be issues, things not finished, and bugs. Make sure you contact us with any of these issues that you might find.

For more information about Squiz Matrix for iOS visit or get ahold me me on Twitter @zedsaid or Contact Us.

Nicholas Hubbard


Feb 21, 2012
Hey Nicholas, this looks great. What versions of Matrix does it support? Any chance you are still accepting beta testers? I would be keen to give it a go
Nicholas Hubbard
Feb 21, 2012
Yeah, we would love to have more Beta testers! I added a new button on this page to signup. Also, 3.28.0 is the min. version that is required.
Jacob Gardiner
Feb 22, 2012
Awesome work Nic!
Mar 6, 2012
Hey Nic, Where is this signup button, I'll test for you!
Nicholas Hubbard
Mar 6, 2012
I had to close the beta test signup because I have too many testers. Sorry about that!

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