Squiz Matrix WYSIWYG Editor inside of iOS!

Fri, Mar. 23, 2012

Over the last year I have been working on Squiz Matrix for iOS. Things have really been moving along recently, and I have been able to release three beta versions so far. I have received overwhelming feedback and support, and I am using all of these to make it into an even better app.

Up until recently, there was one thing that it was lacking. There was no rich text editing. No WYSIWYG editor. So, what were users suppose to do that were accustomed to having a WYSIWYG to enter content? I decided that I needed to provide a solution for this. Not many people want to write raw HTML on their iPhone or iPad. So, with that, I present, the Squiz Matrix iOS WYSIWYG editor (not feature complete).

Squiz Matrix iOS WYSIWYG Editor

The main view of the editor lists all of the controls at top (iPhone version will be slightly different, but same functionality). It will contain all of the standard controls that one would expect from a WYSIWYG editor such as bold, italic, insert link, insert image, etc.

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The editor will also have the option to insert a keyword, just like Squiz Matrix in the browser has.

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There is an option to view the source code, which is also editable. It also features a very nice code formatting engine that keeps your HTML cleanly structured. No more unstructured code like the browser Squiz Matrix WYSIWYG editor does.

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There are plenty of additional features not yet implement or shown above. The insert image and insert link features are going to be quite a bit of work, but I will post an update about the progress on those.

I think that this is going to be an amazing addition to Squiz Matrix for iOS, and I am thrilled to get this into users hands as soon as possible.

Questions or comments are welcome!

For more information about Squiz Matrix for iOS visit or get ahold me me on Twitter @zedsaid or Contact Us.

Nicholas Hubbard


Mar 25, 2012
can't wait for this to come out and load it on my iPad. The amount of time I could use this... Waiting in a car for my sons activities
Apr 19, 2012
Humm, as it's a too powerful app to a live site, better to add a lock when opening the application.
Nicholas Hubbard
Apr 20, 2012
I do see your point about this. But do you think this should be handled by iOS? Such as making sure to set the main lock screen?
Lachlan Cunningham
Apr 25, 2012
Awesome stuff Nic. I haven't been following the dev for the app for a little while, but am glad to see how it is progressing. With a department-wide rollout of iPads drawing near, I can see this being a must have app for our publishers.
Nicholas Hubbard
Apr 25, 2012
Thanks Lachlan, things are progressing nicely. Development is continuing and our website for the app is in the design process. Looking forward to launching the app!

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