Squiz Matrix Don't Get Locked Out Use Backup Login

Wed, Jul. 20, 2011

I recently locked myself out of a new Squiz Matrix installation because I had applied a System Defined Login Design that didn't have the correct code. When I tried to login, I couldn't, because my login form was not working correctly, so I got a blank screen. All other attempts to get into my system failed since _admin, _login and _edit were all using the login design that I had applied.

So, I remembered an undocumented feature of Squiz Matrix that allows you to force an alternate "backup" login design for cases just like this. All I had to do was use the query string FORCE_BACKUP_LOGIN=1 when I was loading the login screen:

The login isn't pretty, but it is a life saver.

  • Force Login

I did a Google Search as well as a search on the Manuals website, but I couldn't find any mention of this great feature.

Nicholas Hubbard


Bart Banda
Jul 21, 2011
Awesome, I heard about this feature but never saw it documented either, will spread the word!
Paul Wojciechowski
Jul 21, 2011
Never heard of that. Works as You said. Thanks!
Jul 21, 2011
Nice to know. I'm just about to start work on a login design of my own. Hopefully I won't need to use it. :)

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