Squiz Matrix CAPTCHA Enhancements

Mon, Feb. 16, 2009

For a long time I have hated the way the MySource Matrix CAPTCHA looks. It is just standard PHP GD fonts, which look horrible. They look so grainy it is a typographers nightmare, and most of the time they are hard to read even for humans! So, I set out to make the MySource Matrix CAPTCHA much better by allowing user customizable colors, as well as allowing the user to select any True Type Font to use for the CAPTCHA.

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  • jQuery Matrix

The colors were never customizable, which really bothered me. I didn't like having a border around the CAPTCHA let alone being restricted to blacks and grays. We need a CAPTCHA that can prevent spam on forms, but is also pretty to look at!

  • jQuery Matrix

Adding the options and code to use True Type Fonts took a while to figure out. MySource Matrix is so expansive that it took me 20 minutes to even track down the files that I would need to work with! But, I finally got it working, and as expected you can choose a font on a per form basis, as well as customize the font size. If you don't want to use custom fonts, you can just turn it off and go back to using the default GD fonts that MySource Matrix currently uses.

I have a list of features that I am going to continue to add to the CAPTCHA, such as lines through the text for higher levels of spam prevention, transparent text, and multicolored text. Let me know if you have any CAPTCHA feature requests and I will try to add them in.

Nicholas Hubbard

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