Squiz Matrix Javascript API Asset Released in 3.22.2

Tue, Jul. 7, 2009

I am very excited to say that I just got another asset that I built added to MySource Matrix. This time, it is the Javscript API asset that I wrote, and has been added to 3.22.2. The Javascript API asset is now part of the Web Services package, but is itself a GPL asset, so you can download it for free.

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Right now the Javascript API asset is at version 1.0 and includes the following features:

  • Returns a JSON object to asset calls.
  • The asset will act as a normal .js file when no data is sent to it, but if key, id, and type are sent it will return JSON based on the function called used.
  • Error checking is included to make sure that the user does not try to send incorrect data, and return incorrect data. Errors are also logged in the normal error log as well as returns a JSON error.
  • Currently, the API has the following core features: Get General Info, Get Attributes, Set Attributes, Trash Asset, Get Metadata, and Set Metadata.
  • A root node can be set, to restrict API calls to a specific location in the tree. Error checking makes sure that this is enforced.
  • Slick new icon. :)
  • API Key is set using the setApiKey() function. e.g., setApiKey('123'); This sets the key as a global variable for all functions to use and is required to use the API.
  • All "get" functions have an optional callback, that is passed as the second parameter in the function.

It is exciting to have yet another asset added to MySource Matrix. I am continuing to work on new features for this asset, as I really feel that it will benefit many!

Feel free to let me know what you think and go download MySource Matrix 3.22.2!

Nicholas Hubbard

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